155mm 39 caliber gun 

Kalyani Group’s Artillery Division ” Kalyani Strategic Systems Ltd (KSSL) ” is keen on displaying its Crown Jewel which is its 155mm 52-calibre Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) in upcoming Defexpo 2018 to be held sometime in April.

While ATAGS is already has been transported to Sikkim for High Altitude Trials due to lighter Air more records are to be tumbled after ATAGS achieved record-breaking 48km Range in Plains. KSSL is working to develop more Prototypes which were ordered by DRDO to fast-track the program and its is likely one of the newer prototypes will be exhibited.

KSSL will also bring its usual 155mm/52 caliber Bharat-52 and 155mm/45 caliber Bharat-45 Artillery Gun System for the Exhibition since the company is keen on exploiting its Export potential after it received several enquiries at Defexpo 2016 both Bharat-52 and Bharat 45 Artillery Gun System managed to attract eyeballs of several Military officials and few Senior officials from African Countries were keen to more about them.

KSSL for the first time will also showcase new Ultra Light Long Range 155mm 39 caliber gun which the company is keen to push to Indian Army has Cheaper and local alternative to 145 expensive imported British-American developed M-777 Ultra Light Long Range Howitzers.

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