Bursting recent propaganda bubble of Pakistani media that latest Block-III variant of the JF-17 thunder fighter jet that was developed by China to be used by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is comparable to the recently inducted French Dassault Rafale fighter jets by the Indian Air Force (IAF), Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Shahzad Aslam Chaudhry while speaking to Pakistani private news channels said that JF-17 can’t take on Rafale in one to one battle even in its latest Block-III variant.

Chaudhry explained to Pakistani news channel viewers that Rafale is of a different league and at best can compete with the PAF’s F-16 Block-52. JF-17 doesn’t have the range or armaments to take on Rafale in one to one engagement. Chaudhry admitted that JF-17 is superior to older PAF jets like Mirage-III/V and F-7 but not as good as Indian Sukhoi-30MKI or Dassault Rafale, which can only be compared with PAF’s American built F-16 Block-52.

Chaudhry in candid admission also said that JF-17s operating without security cover of F-16 will have a hard time surviving an encounter with Dassault Rafale. Chaudhry called JF-17s as Combat tested when it was used by 24 aircraft formation of PAF that tried to attack Indian Army installations after IAF had bombed Terror facilities at Balakot.

Sameer Joshi, Veteran IAF Mirage-2000 pilot, had confirmed that 8 JF-17s were able to evade Two Mirage-2000s that were in the air by staying out of the missile range of its MICA Beyond air-to-air missile. PAF Chief later admitted that they tried to be away from the MICA missile range. 8 JF-17 that were providing secondary air cover to the 8 F-16s went into making great efforts to stay 20-25km out of the missile range.

While any Aviation expert could say that Dassault Rafale is a generation ahead and leaps in modern fighter jet technologies when compared to Mirage-2000 and way head of JF-17, but rarely do people in Pakistan believe that it can beat its JF-17 hands down. It was a shocker from Chaudhry, that made News Anchor fumble for words when he admitted that it was below par when compared to Dassault Rafale and didn’t go on to make such foolish comments as made by his former colleague like Air Marshal Shahid Latif (Retd) that had claimed it be superior to Dassault Rafale.

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