Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna

If you ever Visited Aero India in last decade or so there are high chances that you might have seen witnessed a sterling Tejas demonstration flight performed by this man . if you are lucky enough you might have also had brief opportunity to catch up with Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna who is also known has Mr. LCA by supporters of the LCA-Tejas program.

Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna is only Test Pilot who has been flying various Tejas Aircrafts for more than a decade now and officially joined ADA in 2001 was piloting Chase Mirage-2000 aircraft, when first LCA Prototype TD-1 made its first flight.

I was lucky enough to interact with Suneet Krishna few times while I visited Aero India, he can literally demolish any arguments put forward by any Anti-LCA brigade and calm serious questions posed by supporters of the LCA-Tejas program.

Recent Barrage of Anti-LCA reports by Indian and International media just after IAF agreed to accept to place larger orders for LCA Tejas in its current configuration needs to be countered and Why this Man needs to speak now to Silence its critics.

Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna as a Test Pilot in Indian Air Force literally has flown every single type of aircraft operated by IAF and have been credited with more than 5000 hours on more than 40 aircrafts types.

Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna was first LCA-Tejas Test Pilot who achieved Critical milestones like 100,200,300 Hours on various LCA Variants. Suneet also has been credited for providing many valuable inputs to make Tejas a completely pilot-friendly fighter by bringing out many modifications to the Tejas? cockpit over the years.

He is also credited with many key aspects of LCA-Tejas program like in its flight envelope expansions, in improving fly-by-wire system, expanding Angle of Attack (AOA) and also in integration and testing of Various weapons systems and avionics .

In few questioned posed by me, he Said LCA is comparable to current contemporary aircrafts and is an evolving platform which will meet all future needs of air force too. He also had high praise for American engine saying that 404 is good enough in many ways and is not has thirsty has some Russian engines and is quite fuel efficient leading to the better range for the aircraft. he also had high praise for ADA engineers who had carried out perfect Engine integration on the aircraft to get best out of the engine and also compared handling characters of LCA-Tejas with Mirage-2000s, another single-engine, delta wing aircraft and said LCA-Tejas had better handling.

With LCA-Tejas Program entering critical production phase soon, we might see rise in Lifafa Journalism where our National Paid Media might go on an offensive in attacking LCA-Tejas Program on behalf of Arms Import lobby and why people like Group Captain (R) Suneet Krishna and few of other Test Pilots associated with LCA-Tejas Program can help stop rumor mongering on performance of LCA-Tejas .

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