According to a report prepared by website largely specializing in coverage of Israeli defence industries and Homeland Security reported that India has been taking a great deal of interest in several Israeli systems for equipping its upgraded submarine fleet.

Israeli technology in question has not been disclosed and Israel doesn’t have an Indigenous submarine fleet of its own and its latest fleet of Diesel-electrical Dolphin-class submarines designed and constructed by Germany’s Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW).

Dolphin-class submarines in Israeli Navy after delivery is rumoured to have gone through special modification with Israeli technology which has never been disclosed out in public. HDW could only confirm that Isreal had asked for compartment for special operations and larger 650mm torpedo tubes speculated to accommodate long-range Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles (SLCM).

For long it has been speculated that Secret test launches of the cruise missile systems from Israeli Submarines in the Indian ocean in 2000 were done in coordination with India and secrecy was maintained to hide Indo-Americans assistance and encouragement for Israel’s seaborne nuclear doctrine.

India’s own Indigenous Submarine integrated sonar system and USHUS hydro-acoustic sensor and CCS-MK communications systems for the Kilo class submarines already has replaced older Russian supplied technology and India’s Submarine technology is one area of technology where self-sufficiency has been achieved.

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