In a recent press conference hosted by Major General Asif Ghafoor who is the Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Ghafoor tried to cover up for the Dubuis claims, ISPR had made on the aftermath of the aerial dogfight which took place over both sides of the line of control between Indian air force and Pakistani air force, but instead ending up further sulking under the lies of their hybrid warfare which left more questions than answers.

The curious case of second Indian pilot in their custody claim initially made by Ghafoor and retracted back later in the day was explained but as a gross error due to multiple inputs. the claim that two Indian pilots were in custody was due to two sources said, Ghafoor, but he still failed to explain how he claimed that one pilot was in custody and another one was admitted to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) hospital and both of his ground sources were claiming two different things but were same at end.

Multiple Capture video of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman shot by locals in the area of the Pakistani side of the line of control even has mention of second pilot and mob even claiming ” don’t beat this guy like him “. Other videos also captured multiple parachute opening on the Pakistani side of control which suggests that if a second plane was lost on that day it was on the Pakistani side.

Ghafoor also accused India of lying of shooting down an F-16 and tried to mock the claim by saying that it is difficult to hide debris of an aircraft but also claimed that second Indian fighter jet which PAF claims were a Sukhoi-SU-30 was shot down by its JF-17 and it crash-landed in Indian side of the Line of control even though India has denied the claim nor have any picture of the debris or evidence has ever emerged to support the Pakistani claim, Ghafoor continues to lie and even claimed that one pilot of Su-30 was killed .

Pictures of crashed Mi-17 Helicopter on that same day was all over social media even before Indian Army reached the spot and with some hostile and pro-Pakistani supporters on the Indian side of the line of control, it is nearly impossible for IAF to hide the loss of Sukhoi-SU-30 which is a huge aircraft and easy to spot. Unlike PAF, IAF has to report loss of each aircraft with accident details to its Parliamentarians and is nearly impossible for the civilian administration to hide such details from the public domain.

Records of Indian military persons killed by suicide or in accidents, crashes or in firing on loc or in military missions are widely covered in Indian media and details of which are provided to the Parliamentarians, which Pakistani military doesn’t do and by their own admission such detail reports of casualties on Line of control or in other areas of Baluchistan is kept hidden to avoid lower morals in their own force.

IAF has provided AWACS Radar evidence to back its claim which PAF is yet to do. Su-30 claims seem to be an afterthought after ISPR lied on the capture of three pilots first then two and then ultimately admitted only one. ISPR also first claimed no F-16 were used in the operations which were proved as false by IAF when it showcased debris of ARMAAM BVRAAM, which forced ISPR to retract from its earlier statement and claim it was used.

IAF from start has claimed that F-16 shot down by IAF Mig-21Bis was a Two seater B trainer variant and initial claim by ISPR of three pilots was actually two pilots belonging to PAF itself and one reportedly was lynched to death by locals who assumed him to be an Indian pilot. Recent ISPR’s press conference only shows that their propaganda has failed not only Internationally but also in their own country who have started questioning their dubious claims and multiple U-turns.

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