Islamabad’s otherwise dull and tranquil nights are now a days abuzz with a certain discomforting and disquieting vibe and many of the inhabitants of this beautiful capital are feeling the heat of it. If one looks up towards the city’s hills-clad horizon, he would find visible signs of wide spread mistrust that exists between and in-between the country’s premium institution.

It seems as if through the swipe of a mystical wand someone or somebody has managed to vanish every single shred of mutual good-will that ever existed in the corridors of power-politics and momentarily everyone who walks through these ghostly cloisters is wary of his own shadow. This situation which speaks volumes about the state of affairs prevalent in the heart of the Islamic world’s sole “Nuclear Power”, is however well concealed beneath a dark veil of secrecy and from the outside it seems all is healthy hearty in this lush-green valley.

Nevertheless as the title states and as wise men know, Nights of a city are never good at keeping secrets and in their humming they reveal more than what is safe to be known. All that is required to decrypt these secrets is a pair of ears and a fine sense of hearing.

On my latest visit to the capital of this country, which has always remained very dear to my heart and to which I feel most associated to, I had the fortune or misfortune of listening to a symphony which is being sung in dark nights. I dropped my ears on the contents of this tune while enjoying a lavish dinner which was hosted by a former “SPY-MASTER” at his mesmerizing farm-house situated on the outskirts of the capital’s adjoining city and attended by a small group of serving and retired military officers.

It would be hard to say if it were the spicy courses present on the menu, or the unusual warmth of that April night that did the trick but gradually the dinner transformed into a fierce debate that was revolving around a single subject titled the “Dawn Leaks.” I found that the participants by and large were very dissatisfied with the outcome of a Commission-Report which was constituted 6 months ago with the purpose of unearthing the malice behind a “News Leak” which at the time of its publication was termed as a “Breach of National Security” by none less than the “Corps Commanders” of Pakistan’s all-powerful military.

The retired officers, who momentarily are not bound by any compulsions or formalities were particularly vocal in their opinion and started posing very scathing questions at their serving colleagues. Gentlemen in uniform were charged by their once-superiors with lethargy, inefficiency and lack of will, which had eventually rustled in the apparent acquittal of the actual culprits responsible for this misadventure. Some senior servicemen present at the dinner were virtually placed in the dock by the veterans and asked as to why they had not been able to establish the well-known fact that the Prime Minister’s own family was involved in this treasonous venture. It was very vehemently asserted by these ex-servicemen that the reputation and honor of the institution which had been very dearly preserved by them in their days of service, has now been comprised by their successors.

For quite some time the serving lot did try to remain indifferent to the direct criticism and also strived hard to divert the topic but all in vain. The commentary kept getting harsher and harsher by every passing minute and each “emptying glass.” When the opprobrium crossed all limits of decency and the heat being felt hit the highest point in the barometer, a senior “1 Star Officer” who momentarily holds a key operational position within the Army stood up in protest and offered a defence on behalf of his colleagues.

He divulged the fact that the inquiry of “Dawn Leaks” had taken place in an absolutely professional & efficient manner and by means of tiring efforts conclusive and admissible evidence had been gathered in this regard. He asserted that this “Evidence” was more than enough to nail the actual culprits belonging to the Ruling Family and that its publication would have served the cause of justice and also would have put an end to the prospective political career of a heir apparent. In his words the findings of the inquiry were ready to be published when a most unexpected and inconceivable tragedy took the ranks and files of the Pakistan Army by surprise.

A former Commander of the force who was very recently very popular amongst the masses of Pakistan and most adored within the Army, decided to employ the findings of the “Dawn Leaks” inquiry as a “Bargaining Chip” for his own self. He used the evidence gathered by his institution as a mean of coercion and decided to get back at the PM who had once refused him an extension in service and had rejected the proposal of conferring upon him the rank of a “Field Martial.” With the contents of the inquiry in his hands, he went to the PM with this new “leverage” and successfully managed to strike a “Deal” which would absolve the PMs family from the charge of treason and ensure a luxurious post-retirement life for the Commander himself. The deal translated into the “Tampering” of the material evidence that was in the Commander’s possession and procured a “No-Objection-Certificate” from the government of Pakistan for extra-territorial services in a Gulf Country in the capacity of a commander of multi-national “Muslims Alliance”.

The “1 Star Officer” then concluded his defence and rested his case by saying “In the end it was justice which became the causality and it was the successor of the Commander who was burdened with a guilt he had never committed and today it is us who are being leveled with charges of the most vile nature.”

All of the participants were hard-struck and dumb-folded by these revelations that had come out of closet of a man who holds a significate / sensitive position within Pakistan’s all-powerful military. A veteran managed to bring to use whatever consciousness he had been left with and asked the officer if “The Saga Is Then Over?” He replied in rather composed and cold manner that “It Is Far From Over Sir. The New Brass Would See To The End Of This And Ensure That Justice Is Served And Served In The Most Appropriate Manner.”

The tune stood ended and the night became silent once again. Silent as if it reflected death. I have now arrived back at the country of my residence and am wondering if I should or should not put my head back to the contents of the symphony I heard that night. I am unable to make heads or tail of this nerve-wracking song it but


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