Congress minister Shashi Tharoor off late seems to be tasked to revive long dead Hindu terror bogey yet again crucially when the county is just a few months away from National Assembly elections with a tactical backing of the ” High Command ” which have neither condemned this remarks nor have shown any regret for the comment made by him.

A Majortiy section of the Indian media too has not questioned the ” High Command ” on Tharoor’s remarks hinting that more such remarks are expected to come from him in what seems to be repackaged Hindu terror bogey which P Chidambaram and Digvijay Singh had floated in the past.

The revival of Hindu Terror 2.0 suggests that National party is desperate to come back to power and is using incidents of communal tensions to rebrand and reintroduce Hindu Terror 2.0 knowing very well that many moderate Hindus who don’t like Terror tag attached to their religion will vote for them.

Hindu Talibanese is what Congress wants to target to bring back their definition of secular India were Minority appeasement goes unchecked in name of secularism. Who is Hindu Taliban in India? well, we might not have a clear-cut single definition from Congress yet but as months turns into weeks just before elections all BJP supporters will be re-branded as Hindu Taliban as suggested by people who follow Congress party closely.

Are you a Hindu Taliban? No !! then why are you voting for BJP ?? this is the narrative which has been scripted and will be peddled in coming months to discourage those voters who have moderate views and also to secure minorities vote thus able to grab power from the current Government.

Hindu Taliban is just another attempts to see if this narrative can get them into power in few states elections which are first going to elections before National elections. Any electoral victory in this states will ensure that narrative has worked and will be used more intensively for National elections next.

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