After missing out to Dassault Rafale on Pricing, Euro fighter consortium is back in news for all the wrong reasons after TV Journalist, Vikas Bhadauria who works for Indian news channel ABP Group hinted in this tweets that certain sales directors of the German-based Aerospace company met five senior leaders of two different parties to raise the Rafale issue to malign the image of the current government.

Vikas Bhadauria has not named the company directly but has left clear hints at the company which is easier to identify by any commoner who has basic knowledge of defense matters. Above are the two tweets which for the first time bring Euro fighter consortium dimension to the so-called alleged Rafale scam.

Euro fighter consortium developed Euro-fighter Typhoon was the only other fighter jet which had cleared all technical trials of the Indian air force under MMRCA Tender but was declared L2 and Dassault Rafale offer as L1 in 2012 which meant that then UPA government started further negotiation with the company to procure 126 jets.

Euro fighter consortium after losing out had offered better pricing of its Euro-fighter Typhoon which worked out to be cheaper than Dassault Rafale to India but again then UPA government refused to procure them since it could have been seen as deviating from the tender process which didn’t allow revised pricing by losing parties.

Euro fighter consortium which has responded to IAF’s latest tender for supply of 114 units of fighter aircraft off late has been keeping a very low key profile in India, some reports even hinting at possible lack of interest from the company in participating in the deal since neither American and French offer is said to be emerging as potential winner of the new tender.

Euro fighter Typhoon which is operated by Nine countries and was developed by a consortium of a multinational collaboration among the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Based on the current order book, there are now just 99 Euro fighter aircraft left to be delivered by Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo.

Production of the Euro-fighter Typhoon would have ended this year if it had not been for Italy’s success in securing a key order for 28 aircraft in Kuwait. The order secures series production of the Typhoon out until 2023. With France, Germany, and the UK all working on the development of new next-generation fighter jet, the fate of new orders for Euro-fighter Typhoon is also slowing down.

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