The Brahmos Aerospace proposed development of the BrahMos-NG (Next Generation) that will be a mini version based on the existing Mach-3 capable supersonic cruise missile BrahMos-A, is yet to go official even after been proposed a few years ago. A top official of Brahmos Aerospace at Aero India 2021 had said the Indo-Russian joint venture company can develop a 1.5-ton Brahmos-NG by 2024-25 if the project is approved but it seems the Indian Air Force (IAF) is still evaluating the proposed program since it will be the main and possibly also lone customer of the missile system, with Army and Navy happy with present BrahMos missile system.

State-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on another side of the spectrum is developing a family of Air to Surface missile system for the Indian Air Force (IAF), under which it has already developed a New Generation Anti Radiation Missile (NGRAM) now called as Rudram-1. what comes next is what might have put IAF in a spot regarding the BrahMos-NG program said reliable source to

DRDO already has been sanctioned to develop Rudram II, IIA, and III that will put them in the same class as the BrahMos-NG. not much has been officially disclosed by the DRDO on this programs but it is confirmed that this new air to surface supersonic missile will be 1 ton to 1.5 tons weapons systems and Rudram II, IIA is rumored to have Mach 2 speed and Rudram III possibly will breach Mach 3 speed and will be performing same roles as a BrahMos-NG of taking out high priority facilities and target deep inside enemy areas and can be equipped on existing Su-30MKI, MiG-29, and the indigenous LCA Tejas M1/Mk2 fleet.

Rudram II, IIA, and III might be a low-cost option that might be much cheaper to procure and get desired results, but BrahMos-NG no doubt will be much more superior in performance and capabilities but it requires joint development with Russia and additional funding that might have to have to be funded only by IAF since Army and Navy don’t seem to be much interested in the mini version of the BrahMos. IAF is still deliberating on the propose development of BrahMos-NG and might a take a final call on it soon.

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