Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has displayed Two Scale models of Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) at Defence Expo 2018 which is currently being held in Chennai, TamilNadu. AMCA Scale model was displayed showcasing Stealth and Non-Stealth configuration even though both models displayed were not exact same of the same design.

Stealth configuration of Scale model which is same as AMCA design which was provided in the documents issued for the Request for Expression of Interest to seek vendors who could manufacture Two Next Generation Technology Demonstrator (NGTD) based on Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA).

Configuration 3B-09 is latest configuration refinement which was carried out from the initial 3B-01 concept over the years while working on design refinement by ADA.

ADA has promised that vendor selection will be done by end of this year for AMCA and once the final contract is confirmed, selected vendors who could manufacture Two Next Generation Technology Demonstrator (NGTD). NGTD-1 within 3½ of executing a contract with ADA and NGTD-2 within the end of 4th year.

After Next Generation Technology Demonstrator (NGTD) completes initial flight trials, ADA has proposed to develop first Prototypes of AMCA from 2025 on wards before aircraft is cleared for production from 2030 on wards.

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