In my previous report on INS Aridhaman (Click Here ), Snoop about possible 2017 Soft launch of India’s Second Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine is turning into a reality after ” The Print ” report also confirmed possible Soft launch soon by PM Modi in coming weeks.

Following INS Aridhaman development closely and keeping track of unverified data, there has been a lot of buzz, lately for some time now that the Aridhaman has been carrying out system check in the dry docks though external power, even though Nuclear reactor is yet to go critical.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) already has commissioned and assembled Second nuclear reactor for the submarine which will be more powerful than the reactor which was installed in the lead ship Arihant which has already been commissioned in the Indian Navy last year.

Coming nearly 8 years after Arihant had its soft launch in 2009, Aridhaman according to unconfirmed reports will share same design but will have stretched centreline to accommodate more weapons and bigger Nuclear reactor and will also have Second generation upgrades to its communication and Sonar suite to make it much more lethal in the sea.

INS Aridhaman is likely to take much shorter time to complete its Sea trials and induction due to rigours trials already been carried out on INS Arihant of many Critical weapons systems like K-15 and K-4 Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). Aridhaman will also likely be the first submarine to carry India’s next generation long ranged K-5 Submarine-launched ballistic missile with MIRV warheads up to 6000-8000 km range targets.

Follow on Sister ship to INS Aridhaman is already under fabrication stage and will be Similar to Aridhaman but will receive some minor updates as technology progresses. Once the third ship is launched, INS Arihant will be used to train next generation submariners for operating Nuclear Submarines since Indian Navy after completion of SSBN Program will start work on SSN ( Nuclear Attack ) Submarine program for which it has already got government clearance for construction of Six submarines.

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