After expressing Interest in Countries indigenously developed LCA-Tejas Combat jet, things seems to be heating up on another front. According to Indian media report, Indonesia which had expressed in a briefing on Netra AEW&C System has asked DRDO to conduct official product demonstration in its country.

Netra AEW&C System already has gathered a lot of attention among few countries after it was demonstrated in Bahrain air show last year. since then DRDO has been following up with many countries who had then inquired about the Netra AEW&C.

Netra AEW&C System which is mounted on Brazilian Embraer-145 jets can also be mounted on similar jets of the choice of customers according to DRDO and India is interested in exporting Netra AEW&C System as a package.

The government of India already has granted DRDO export clearance for Netra AEW&C System and DRDO with plans to export will be holding on to the third Netra AEW&C Aircraft for Product demonstration, while it handovers Two Netra AEW&C Aircraft to Indian air force.

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