According to Chinese Military specialist while speaking on Indian Naval Capabilities in a Military show hosted by state broadcaster CCTV channel, identified long-range surface to air missile (LRSAM) jointly developed by Israel and India has one of the key weapon system which can neutralise firepower of the People’s Liberation Army Navy while operating in the Indian ocean to a great extent.

Advanced air and missile defence system joint development by IAI and DRDO were designed specially to take down Chinese developed Sub-sonic cruise missiles in anti-ship role. Israel Navy Ship (INS) Hanit in 2006 was attacked while patrolling off the Lebanese coast with Chinese C-802 cruise missile which was supplied to Iranian forces but was smuggled to target Isreali Navy.

Loss of Four Sailors and use of cheap subsonic cruise missile to partially cripple a frontline SAAR V class corvette meant that threat from low flying sea-skimming missile was real and soon after, Israel and India joined hands to deal with emergence of Chinese Sub-sonic cruise missiles which have also been supplied to India’s arch-rival Pakistan in the region .

LR-SAM can also take on Supersonic Cruise missiles theoretically but India and Israel have yet to confirm on its capabilities. LR-SAM can provide excellent air defence coverage against both high profile and low profile guided missile system even if launched in salvo mode by two different ships using two different missile system.

LR-SAM can provide Air Defence coverage of 70km against several aerial threats and with an addition of booster the range of the missile can be enhanced to over 120km. IAI and DRDO are also having further talks to develop an improved variant which can have a range of 150km in near future.

LR-SAM will be installed in all major frontline warships which will be inducted by Indian Navy in near future. Production of the missile system in India is in full swing and mega-contract with the Indian Army and Indian Air Force for its land-based variant dubbed Medium-range surface-to-air missile (MRSAM) is also progressing smoothly.

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