French MBDA proposal of developing Maitri Short-range Surface -to-air missiles (SRSAM) for Indian Navy Jointly with India’s DRDO might be scrapped as per latest Indian media reports. $5 Billion Maitri Short-range Surface-to-air missiles (SRSAM) were to replace ageing Israeli supplied Barak-1 now might be replaced by DRDO developed New SRSAM missiles.

Cannister based, Quick reaction, New Vertical-launched Short ranged SAM has been under development from 2015 and after program achieved some key internal milestones, Ministry of Defence decided it no longer wants to pursue MBDA proposal.

DRDO developed SRSAMS will have a range of 25-30km has been on fast track mode to meet urgent requirements of Indian Navy. DRDO also plans to develop Canister truck based SRSAMS Missile systems which can also be offered to Indian Air Force and Indian Army as well.

DRDO has not mentioned when the missile will be available for first developmental flights but internal guidance suggests it should be ready by 2018.

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