Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) which has been working on a new 7.62-mm fully automatic assault rifle to replace in-service INSAS rifle from 2016 is sweating it hard to deliver 50 Indigenous Assualt rifle in time by end of April so that final trials of the Gun can begin by Indian Army as per latest media reports.

New Indigenous Assualt rifle will meet General Staff Quality Requirements (GSQR) issued by Indian Army says, insiders of OFB after, pre-production models send for Army evaluation threw up some inconsistencies during the basic trials.

India is also cleared procurement of Imported Assualt rifles in small numbers for the frontline infantry soldiers which later will also be manufactured locally in India, while new Indigenous Assualt rifle once cleared by Indian Army will also be procured in bulk.

Government of India is likely to go for a Government to Government Contract for procurement of new imported Assualt Rifles and as per latest media reports, Israeli developed 7.62x51mm ACE 52 manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) assault rifle is leading the race but other reports also indicate that latest 7.62X51mm TAVOR 7 AR Newest Assualt Rifles coming from Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) too is under trials in India .

IWI ACE 52 is a combat-proven and standard-issue assault rifles in the People’s Army of Vietnam and Colombian Army. ACE 52 is also used by over dozen countries and is quite a popular gun in South America while TAVOR 7 AR which is the newest member coming out of the successful TAVOR Bullpup Rifle Family was developed especially on request from operators of 5.56x45mm Tavor assault rifles like India and is likely to go into production sometime in mid of 2018.

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