Indian Rafale fighter jet ( BS004 ) while coming for landing was snapped with the deadly French Scalp stealth air-launched cruise missile for the first time in the Indian air space creating a frenzy over the Internet, after it went public.

The scalp is an air-launched cruise missile manufactured by European defense consortium MBDA. The Scalp, which is designed in France, weighs around 1,300kg. According to MBDA, the Scalp has a stated range of 250km, though media reports claim the weapon can go twice that distance.

The Scalp has a ‘low observability’ (stealth) design that reduces its exposure of its air intakes and flies at a very low level to avoid radar detection. The Scalp has been advertised as being capable of destroying “high-value” fixed targets such as air defense command-and-control centers and bunkers.

The Rafale can carry two Scalp missiles, along with three large fuel tanks, in a long-range attack configuration. the Scalp will be the first ‘deep strike’ missile of the Indian Air Force that will allow it to remain in its airspace to bomb terror camps and military targets.

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