Ownership of Quality and performance assurance of the product delivered literally grounded Rafale purchase deal between Dassault and HAL and the similar problem seems to have resurfaced in Indian Navy’s $5 Billion new generation mine counter-measure vessels (MCMVs).

Kangnam Corporation of South Korea has refused to provide Quality and performance assurance of 12 MCMVs to be built by Goa Shipyard in Goa India.

Meetings between GSL and Kangnam Corporation Ltd of Korea along with the Korean companies with expertise in MCMV equipment were held in mid of 2016 but deadlock remains on full intellectual property rights and also on Quality and performance assurance.

GSL wants to use MCMV experience to later work on indigenous variants in future for Indian Navy but Koreans don’t want to give up their intellectual property rights. Indian Navy has combined requirements for 24 vessels of such class to replace older Soviet-era supplied MCMVs.

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