Bengaluru-headquartered Dynamatic Technologies Ltd said on Thursday it has been awarded a contract for delivery of tools for the Boeing-Saab T-7A Red Hawk program. The tools are for static and fatigue testing of the control surfaces of the Red Hawk program. Dynamatic”s chief executive officer and managing director Udayant Malhoutra said the company has been a partner with Boeing on P-8 Poseidon and CH-47 Chinook for the last decade.

“We are proud to grow our partnership with Boeing on the T-7A Red Hawk,” he said in a statement. The T-7A Red Hawk is an all-new advanced pilot-training system designed for the US air force that would train the next generation of fighter and bomber pilots, according to a statement from Dynamatic.

Produced using advanced manufacturing techniques and built along a digital thread, the T-7A aligns with the US air forces new eSeries strategy by enabling design, coding and testing faster and more affordably through a digital matrix, the statement said. The Boeing/Saab T-7 Red Hawk, originally known as the Boeing T-X, is an American/Swedish advanced jet trainer developed by Boeing in partnership with Saab AB.