With the smooth conclusion of all major user trials of Six Dhanush Artillery guns by India Army, has been informed by reliable industrial sources that after the Initial order of 114 155mm/45- Calibre Dhanush Howitzer Gun, Indian Army is working on Second mega order deal to acquire more Dhanush Artillery guns soon.

Indian Army is likely to place an order for 300 more Dhanush Artillery guns soon over the initial order of 114 guns which are already in production by Ordinance Factory Board (OFB). Initial orders for 114 Guns will be concluded by 2019.

With production rate of Dhanush Artillery guns to touch 60 per annum in 2019, Bulk order fo 300 Guns will require nearly 5 years for completion of the order but Indian Army is reportedly happy with proposed production timelines since major chunk of orders will likely be reserved for 155-mm, 52-calibre towed Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) artillery gun developed by DRDO with private defence sector companies .

ATAGS is currently going through developmental trials which soon will see first few prototypes been handed over to Indian Army to begin User trials which will commence rigorous integration and a testing cycle which can last for nearly three years before Army places an Initial order for the new Ultra Modern artillery gun.

large-scale induction and production will commence from 2024 onwards and Army might be inducting nearly 1500 + Guns over a decade which might see first Private Defence Production orders. OFB already has developed 55-mm, 52-calibre version of the Dhanush Artillery guns which already has cleared internal company trials, is also on offer to Indian Army to commence user trials if interest is shown by Indian Army.

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