Ministry of Defence and Government of India intends to procure Micro Remotely Piloted Aircraft System for the Indian Army with an operational range of up to 5 Kilometers, weighing not more than 6 Kilograms (All Up Weight) and endurance of not less than 60 Minutes and with Vertical Takeoff and Landing mode (VTOL).

Micro RPAS should be lightweight, to be used as an aerial surveillance platform with day and night sensors to enhance the situational awareness of squad and troop involved in various special operations tasks. As per Tender documents, initial requirements are for 150 Micro Remotely Piloted Aircraft System which needs to be delivered within 12 months of the contract.

A previous report by (India wants Mini/Nano and Combat drones developed locally for Anti-terror operations in Kashmir) had called for procurement of local drones from Indian vendors and also called for Public sector companies in India to share their technology.


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