Barak-8 Next to Barak-8ER

After Israel recently concluded multi-billion dollar deal to supply Indian Armed forces Long range Surface-to-Air Defence system dubbed MR-SAM and LR-SAM, Israeli Media referring to its sources in Israel Aerospace Industries has reported that Indian Air Force has also shown interested in procuring even longer range version of the missile system dubbed Barak-8ER/MR-SAM ER.

Barak-8ER/MR-SAM ER which is an ER (extended range) of Barak-8 is currently under development by IAI. Barak-8ER with the addition of Booster and changes to its software and to the missile control surfaces will enable it to hit targets as far as 150km which is 67% more range than the current range of 90km.

DRDO also had hinted that it can also develop in-house Extended range version of MR-SAM and LR-SAM which will have range of 120-150km using Indian technology but is yet to confirm if it has taken up such development.

Indian Air Force is yet to officially confirm if it has put forward such requirements. DRDO as per media reports is also working on XRSAM Air Defence Missile system which will have speculated range of 250km and but recently has confirmed the development of Akash NG (Next Generation) which will have a range of 50km.

Indian last year also placed orders to buy Russian developed S-400 Theater Air Defence Systems which can have long range coverage up to 400kms.

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