Built at a modest cost of just $74 million Isro’s Mangalyaan Mars craft got world attention which highlighted India’s Scientific achievements. Western media too were all praise for Isro’s MOM Mars craft successful insertion to mar orbit, Achievement which very few have succeeded in doing it in their first try.

In a Country where each ISRO mission hypnotizes millions of ordinary common man, each mission keeps them glued to their television sets. Each PSLV or GSLV Rocket launch is watched with same interest as was with last launch.

ISRO’s professional culture and success are also much revered by students, academics, and common man and Isro is followed very keenly and after each successful mission ” Whats Next ?” is the war cry of Common man who associates himself with each Isro mission, each success and failure is directly reflected on Citizens of this country .

India is also the same country where an organization like ISRO are shining and are followed by a Common man with key Interest and then there is an organization like HAL which are whining. A Country which can insert Probe in Mars orbit, launch ballistic missiles from submerged platform but still struggles to build even basic trainer aircrafts for its armed forces shows Two opposite level of the talent in the country.

Lost Start

Aeronautics in India got a head start and early developmental projects by HAL of HF-24 and HT-2 too saw some level of success, but the early momentum gained were lost after it failed get further developmental projects. While Isro had visionary leaders like Dr. Vikram Sarabhai who visioned Space development and were able to link growth of India will success in space. lack of visionary leaders in Aeronautics did hurt the Industry later which limited itself in assembling Prodcuts developed by other countries, then in developing their own products.

Lack of Vison

Does India have the strategic vision in Aeronautics ? Does India have pumped in money into the development of R&D in the country? The answer could be simple “NO “. Indian Aeronautics not only has failed to lift off but also stumbled to complete whichever project came their way. India’s Premier Aeronautics Agencies are struggling with three important Aviation project Initiated in India.

Poor Management of Projects

Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) still working to complete LCA Tejas project, which already has been delayed by a decade now. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is still struggling to complete work on subsonic intermediate jet trainer aircraft for over a decade while National Aerospace Laboratories [NAL] which is developing India’s first multi-purpose civilian aircraft in the Light Transport Aircraft category is making no headway in completing its certification after its first flight almost a decade ago .

Make In India

For Prime ministries Narendra Modi ambitious plan of Make in India to succeed in Aeronautics, India will require 20 Key Aeronautical Companies which can develop all the technologies for India to be self-reliant in this field , India will require Rise of Private Companies in Aeronautical sector and restructuring of Government owned Companies and Clear Vision document for India to succeed in Aeronautics in next two decades .


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