BEL Chairman M V Gowtama while speaking to media has confirmed that with all final components in place, assembly of Akash NG (new generation) which is a brand new variant of surface-to-air missile (SAM) has started and the first prototype of the missile system will be ready for developmental trials before end of this year .

Akash NG will have a new Aesa radar and seeker and will be powered by dual pulse solid propulsion technology like seen with Indo-Israeli MRSAM surface-to-air missile program. Akash-NG will sport a Canister system mounted on a Truck for easy mobility and each system will have Six missiles ready to fire at a moments notice. While the range of the missile has been claimed from 35 to 50 km it will be slotted below Indo-Israeli developed MR-SAM Air Defence system in Indian Army and Indian Air force.

Akash NG will supplement the MR-SAM Air Defence system which has a range of 70km and can work with the MR-SAM Surveillance Support system for a coordinated network of scan and target identification and engagement. Akash-1S with Ku Band Seeker was tested recently.

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