Russia’s S-400 Air-Defence systems even though consists of four missile system to cover the entire range of air defense envelope but India has decided to procure only two missile type. According to latest media reports India has decided to procure only very-long-range 40N6 (400 km) and the long-range 48N6 (250 km) surface-to-air missiles from Russia.

While a final agreement is expected by end of this year under which India will be purchase 5 regiments of S-400 Systems consisting of 1200 missiles all made up of 40N6 and 48N6 missile system. 9M96E2 (120 km) and 9M96E (40 km) missiles which are also part of S-400 air defense System but will not be procured.

In India, S-400 will be under the command of Indian Air Force and selection of 40N6 and the 48N6 missile is clearly measures taken to improve long-range air defense capabilities. Indo-Israeli MR-SAM (70km) will be providing Medium range air defense capabilities and DRDO’s upcoming XR-SAM (250km) air defense missile system will only strengthen long-range tracking and Interception abilities of India.

40N6 (400 km) surface-to-air missiles are usually used to target strategic assets like Mid-air refuellers, Bombers, Transport and airborne early warning and control aircrafts which usually operate from a standoff distance from the theater of operations. 40N6 theoretically can also take down soft targets like low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and is capable of exo-atmospheric interception of IRBM (intermediate-range ballistic missile) warheads in their terminal phase.

48N6 (250 km) surface-to-air missiles are far more effective against smaller, agile & highly maneuverable targets like fighter aircraft, Electronic warfare airplanes, Strategic cruise missiles, HALE and MALE Class Reconnaissance or armed Drones within its range.

96L6E2 Radar of the S-400 System has a Target detection range of 600km and has the capability to track a maximum 100 targets. Command Center PBU 55K6E can operate in Automatic mode and can guide both 48N6 and 40N6 towards high-risk priority targets selected by the system.

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