Last unsold C-17 which was stored in Boeing’s Production facility in California has been purchased by Government of India and Boeing has started ground works on the aircraft so that it can be transferred to India by next year.

Sources close to have confirmed that Boeing will hand over Eleventh C-17A to Indian Air Force (IAF) by August 2019. Final unsold C-17A Globemaster III was procured by India under Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract for $262m.

India had placed an order for 10 C-17A Globemaster III in 2010 which were delivered by 2014. IAF was later sanctioned to procure three more C-17A but by that time production of the C-17s had been ceased by Boeing and 9 extra unsold C-17s were procured by other countries while India managed to hold on to last production aircraft which was stored at the Boeings facility waiting for a buyer.

C-17A Globemaster III which is part of IAF’s No 81 Squadron has been part of many International military exercises and also have taken part in rescue and aid missions within the country and in the region. C-17A Globemaster III also recently achieved all round 100% percent availability record which is rare in IAF’s Transport department which is dominated by old Soviet-era IL-76 Transporters who suffer from serviceability and spares issues.


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