According to the latest report prepared by BBC Hindi, S-400 deal between India and Russia has a rider clause which forces Russia to not sell S-400 or similarly superior air defense system to Pakistan . Rider clause could be added in anticipation of Pakistan also demanding similar system from Russia. Pakistan military official told Russian state media last year that Pakistan military was purportedly considering purchasing a number of S-400 units as well.

India signed the much-anticipated deal worth $5.43-billion to buy five Russian S-400 Triumf missile shield systems recently but according to defense analysts close to, 5 S-400 system is not sufficient to cover both China and Pakistan, since 3 have to be deployed at Pakistani side to provide all year coverage 24×7 and at least one has a backup system which leaves only one for China sector.

IAF is already interested in the procurement of an additional 5 S-400 system which will cover Both China and Pakistani sector as well as some airspace in central India which have vulnerable facilities and installations of national interests.

DRDO is also working on India’s long-range Air defense Interceptor missiles which will have a range of 250km and will come as handy to supplement S-400 system. Under XRSAM Air Defence Missile system program, DRDO is working on a new missile system which is as capable as S-300 system in terms of its ability to track and take down fast-moving maneuverable aircraft and missile systems.


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