The BrahMos Aerospace joint venture Russian NPO Mashinostroyenia has revealed new plans to develop the next generation of BrahMos-2K which will supersede current BrahMos Supersonic cruise missiles with better speed and range. BrahMos-2K will be developed in Two stages it means it will have tow versions to start with. In the first stage, Mach 5 capable BrahMos-2K will be developed by 2024 and in the Second Stage, a Mach 7 Capable BrahMos-2K will be developed by 2027 onwards.

The Second stage liquid-fueled, air-breathing ramjet engine is used to sustain Mach 3 speed in the Cruise phase after first stage solid Propellant booster separation which is used for launch and then attain Mach 1 speed. According to informed sources close to, BrahMos Aerospace plans to upgrade the Second stage liquid-fueled, air-breathing ramjet engine for Mach 5 capable performance in the cruise phase for which it already has Transfer of Technology from Russia.

BrahMos Aerospace already carried out a series of lab tests at the speed of Mach 6.5 as informed to but speed might be curtailed just above Mach 5 which Technically makes it a Hypersonic Cruise missile when it is ready for testing in 2024. Mach 7 capable BrahMos-2K likely will feature a new scramjet engine in which India is negotiating with Russia. An Export scramjet engine derivative might come from what has been used on the Russian 3M22 Zircon a scramjet-powered maneuvering anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile currently in testing by Russia.

The new scramjet engine will have Mach 7 speed which can be further upgraded till Mach 9. BrahMos-2K is expected to have a 500km range in Low-level Profile and will have a range of 800km in a High-level Profile. Indian Tri-Service will not be replacing BrahMos with BrahMos-2K nor it will be procured at the same levels due to the expected high price of the missile system but it will be seen as a welcome boost in the Offensive cruise missile technology for the country.

BrahMos-2K will be available for Frontline Warships and in Land-Based Truck-mounted Variants for both Land and Anti-Ship Target Profiles but Air-Launched variant like BrahMos-A might not happen due to weight concerns but instead BrahMos Aerospace will be developing a BrahMos-NG (Next Generation ) Mach 3 Capable Air-Launched Cruise missile which will be smaller and lighter than BrahMos-A and will be made available for all fighter jets operated by IAF and unlike BrahMos-A will not be limited to specially modified Sukhoi-30MKI fleet.

BrahMos Aerospace plans to increase the range of current generation BrahMos to 800 km. BrahMos already has demonstrated a new improved range of from 290 km in recent tests but the ultimate goal is to achieve an 800km range by end of this year without sacrificing on speed.

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