The government of India is giving serious thoughts to a Proposal offered by Mazagon Dock which wants to construct three additional Scorpene-class submarines for the Indian Navy after its French designers agreed to make 14 design changes in the three additional Scorpene-class submarines as asked by Indian Navy.

After Data Breach and also do to the advancement of technology, Indian Navy had proposed 14 changes in their Scorpene submarines which were approved by the Naval Group after consultation with their Engineering team and 14 Changes will be carried out on all existing Six Scorpene order under Project-75 tender in near future but also will be incorporated into Three additional Scorpene submarines if ordered by India .

Due to delays in Project-75-I tender, Mazagon Dock offered to construct 3 additional Scorpene which will be delivered from 2026 on wards at a year interval if approved by Government and it also informed that its existing facilities at the dock will become idle by 2020 after sixth and last Scorpene is built.

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