India has issued a Navigational Area (IMO) warnings for Paradip in the Bay of Bengal for Experimental Flight Trial to take place from Integrated Test Range (ITR) from 0515-0645 for 12th and 14th of this month for a missile which has a range of less than 2000km.

It is not clear which missile system will be tested on the days mentioned above but as per sources close to, User trials of the Agni-II missile with a strike range of 2,000km will be carried out by the Army’s strategic forces command (SFC) with logistic support provided by the DRDO.

The missile is part of the Agni series of missiles which includes the Agni-I with a 700km range, Agni-III with a 3,000km range, Agni-IV, with 4000km and Agni-V with 5000km having long-range capable range capabilities.

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