India has issued a Navigational Area (IMO) warnings for Paradip in the Bay of Bengal for Experimental Flight Trial to take place from Integrated Test Range (ITR) from 0630-1030 for 18th,19th and 20th of this month for a missile which has a range of less than 300km.

India is likely to test Nirbhay Sub-sonic cruise missile for limited range due to the integration of Manik engine for the first time in the missile system. DRDO’s Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) has developed Manik small turbofan to power long-range subsonic Nirbay cruise missile or small scale UCAVs which India plans to develop in near future.

Problematic Nirbhay Sub-sonic cruise missile was last tested in 2017 and was waiting for completion of ground-based testing of Manik small turbofan engine so that engine can be integrated into the missile system before it is cleared for long-range missile trial later it will be offered for user-specific trials and then cleared for pre-production samples.

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