Russia’s Defense Ministry and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov recently speaking to Russian media listed out Some African countries along with India and Vietnam has few promising countries where it plans to sell nearly 300 of these jets. Checkmate’s potential market is estimated at 300 pieces and India has been listed out as a likely initial export customer of the jet with an order book over 100 jets in near future by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Borisov also confirmed that Sukhoi-75 flight tests are scheduled for 2023 and the Mass production may begin in 2025-2026 if it can get India or Vietnam on abroad the program. Sukhoi-75 was presented at the MAKS air show last July and Rosoboronexport officials had told that they are keen to brief Indian military planners about the capabilities of the new jet.

Sukhoi-75 has been positioned by Russia as an alternative to the United States FA-35A Lightning II and boasts of stealth features like an intra-fuselage compartment for air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, reduced radar cross-section, and 5th generation avionics from the Sukhoi-57 program.

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