DRDO has confirmed that a modified Pilotless Target Aircraft (PTA) Lakshya-II has successfully carried out several rounds of Weaponised trials of the drone, making remotely Pilotless Target Aircraft India’s first Armed drone.

Lakshya achieved 20m circular error probable (CEP) precision strikes on designated targets as per information provided by DRDO and the program has completed more than 9 successfully flights.

DRDO and its associated labs are working on the development of small diameter bomb and missiles which can be used to arm Male and Hale Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles currently under development in India.

Remotely Pilotless Target Aircraft Lakshya has a flying endurance of 30 minutes and can operate from an altitude of 800mm to 12mm. It’s not clear if Armed Lakshya will be cleared for production or it is was only used as Test-bed aircraft for Weapons trials of Indigenously developed UAV specific Weapons.



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