United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) officials approached Indian officials on the sidelines of Aero India 2019 to revive now dead program for development of new 5th generation fighter jets based on Indian requirements developed from their Su-57 platform and were not meet with any positive response from Indian side said industrial sources close to

Russian delegation offered to have talks on the better transfer of technical terms and also brief on the current progress of the program but the offer doesn’t bring anything new to the table to restart talks hence India has not committed anything concrete on the matter as per source.

Without a major investor like India, Su-57 program is drifting without a financial recovery in sight and Russian Aerospace Force orders for only 15 units of Su-57 which is likely to come with older AL-41 Engines by end of 2019 on wards. Limited Serial production of Su-57 aircraft largely will remain with combat branch of Russian aerospace force who usually deals with experimental aircraft and is tasked with developing air combat doctrine of new fighter aircraft and is unlikely to serve in the regular squadron with regular pilots.

According to Military industrial sources in Russia in leaked revelation to Indian and western officials have confessed that program is likely to achieve stability only in 7-8 years from now, once Russian aerospace force is convinced and agrees to place larger orders for the platform.

India has completely pulled out from FGFA program and instead has told Russians that it is willing to buy Su-57 in fly away conditions when it enters mass production. For Su-57 to enter mass production and to be re-considered by India will either require orders from the Russian military or an export order from China or any other country to breathe in new finance for the program.

India instead is now focusing on the development of MWF and AMCA fighter jets program and is also working on Ghaatak UCAV program. Procurement of 114 units of fighter jets under new MMRCA Tender will also leave no money with Indian military planners for bailing out Russia’s Su-57 program unless it matures as a platform.


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