Considered as one of the pathfinder projects under the Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI) for the joint production of weapons between Indian and the USA have officially been discontinued after last round of talks held by The Joint Working Group on Jet Engine Technology in Wright Patterson Air Force Base at Ohio this year in June failed to provide any breakthrough in talks between both partners said the latest media report.

Both countries have decided to not hold more talks, due to serious differences which have emerged due to which both parties felt any further talks on Jet Engine Technology is unlikely to lead to any new breakthroughs.

US officials and GE officials which were part of The Joint Working Group on Jet Engine Technology have refused to transfer the core technology which the US considers as the crown jewel in the jet engine technology to India and rather was adamant to protect its years of research but were OK with transfer of technology for “cold engine” technology or local licence assembly of new engine which was proposed to power India’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA).

Another deal breaker was that Americans were not interested in helping fix issues with Kaveri engine but were more than happy to get full access to the project only to benchmark the engine technology developed by India to gauge the advancement made by India, which India had problems with.

French Aerospace engine maker “Safran” got unlimited access to the Kaveri engine which allowed them to provide consultation to fix technical issues which allowed them to clear it for fighter integration after carrying out an audit of the program. Americans wanted similar access to the program only to benchmark the engine which was not really gonna help the program in any way.

AMCA requires two 110kn thrust class of engines to power India’s first fifth-generation stealth multi-role fighter planned by DRDO. French Safran and Eurojet both have offered their engine technology to develop a new customized variant of their existing engine jointly with India which can be used to power AMCA.

American engine major General Electric till now had upper hand at the negotiating table with India due to its past association with India on providing engines to power LCA-Tejas MK1 and MK1A program which will also continue for Tejas MK-2 program.

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