C D Balaji, Director, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), told reporters on Saturday that PV5 and PV6 (both trainers) would be available for evaluation by customers.As per Industrial sources close to, we can confirm that first Demo flight with a prospective customer will happen today from Air Force Station (AFS) Yelahanka on LCA-Tejas PV-5 (KH-T2009) trainer aircraft.

Cmde Maolankar will be piloting the trainer aircraft, few representatives of foreign air forces who have shown interest in the aircraft have been shortlisted for the demo flight and many more demo flights have been planned in next coming days till the end of Aero India 2017.

Aero India 2017 will see many Government officials and Senior air force officials from various countries coming down to India, who will be briefed on LCA-Tejas fighter jet.

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