IAF Chief Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria speaking to the media has expressed this complete satisfaction on the various indigenously designed radar system in the country and congratulated DRDO for achieving near 100% indigenization in this field so much so that IAF will not be requiring to procure any kind of Radar system from a foreign country in near future.

IAF praised both Low-Level Transportable Radar (LLTR) ‘Ashwini’ and Medium Power Radar (MPR) ‘Arudhra’ specially designed for Indian Air Force which has been successfully inducted by IAF and has been stationed at forward areas in the border with India and China.

Low-Level Transportable Radar (LLTR) ‘Ashwini’: is a ground-based S-band rotating fully active phased array radar system for air space surveillance to detect and track air targets, under hostile EW operational environments.

Medium Power Radar (MPR) ‘Arudhra’: is the country’s first indigenously designed and developed, fully active aperture, rotating, multibeam, multifunction phased array radar with staring mode. It is also provided with a mode for detection and tracking of low RCS, high speed and highly maneuvering targets.

DRDO is also developing AESAR ‘Uttam’ an airborne fire control radar for our indigenous fighter aircraft LCA Tejas program and one fully qualified radar has been developed and has been installed on the nose cone of a modified Tejas LSP-2 aircraft.

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