LCA-Tejas LA-5010 (SP-10) and LA-5009 (SP-09) fighter jets both belonging to No. 45 Squadron Indian Air Force (Flying Daggers) have successfully landed in Langkawi, Malaysia after taking off from Kalaikunda Air Force Station from West Bengal, today.

Contrary to earlier reports of IAF sending One Twin-Seater Trainer Variant and one single seater variant, Both SP-09 and SP-10 are Single Seater LCA-Tejas fighter jets but for the first time active Squadron aircraft belonging to Indian Air Force has made a touch down in a foreign country for the first time.

In 2016, KH-2017 and KH-2014 Two Single-Seater LCA-Tejas both belonging to Initial Limited Series Production (LSP) mostly with ADA and HAL used for developmental trials were sent to its first air show on foreign soil when it was part of Bahrain International Airshow. SP-09 and SP-10 which are IOC-II Certified production fighter jets from the first Squadron based at Sulur Airforce station in Tamil Nadu.

IAF Chief impressed with its performance and caliber already has announced that the Flying Daggers will be positioned at a forward air force station closer to Pakistan from 2020 onwards when HAL starts delivering FOC Certified aircraft for Second Squadron from the end of this year. Sending aircraft belonging to the first Squadron flown by regular squadron pilots to a foreign military exhibition further boosts the image of the LCA-Tejas in International media and will be seen as now widely accepted by the Indian Air Force.


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