Indian Air Force which recently took delivery of first LCA SP-1 aircraft has asked to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which is Production agency for LCA-Tejas fighter jet to up production rate of Tejas MK-1 and start early delivery of aircrafts from the original schedule.

IAF had asked HAL to up-rate and hit the Production rate of 16 aircrafts from 2016 on wards then agreed 2017 timeline so that first Tejas Mk 1 squadrons of 20 aircrafts are ready by end of 2016 and Second Tejas Mk 1 squadrons is ready by mid-2018 .

According to original delivery schedule, HAL was supposed to deliver six LCAs by 2016 and hit construction rate of 16 aircrafts a year their after. While the Production line is geared up to produce 16 aircrafts a year, HAL is facing shortage of trained manpower and finds it will be difficult to bring contracted spares schedule ahead, to increase production rate ahead of the schedule.

IAF feels adequate time was given to HAL to develop new production line and recruit new manpower to work on LCA-Tejas production , which according to sources was delayed by two years due to HAL’s inability to start work on Production line even after funds were cleared by Government . HAL wants IAF to place further orders of Tejas MK-1 so that it can absorb additional Investment which it will require investing to increase production rate of LCA-Tejas.