Second indigenous developed Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&C) ‘Netra ‘ Aircraft will be handed over to Indian Air Force Next month after DRDO was able to further fine-tune state-of-the-art active electronically scanned radar, secondary surveillance radar as per the recommendation of IAF.

First Netra aircraft was handed over to IAF last year and the aircraft already has completed 250+ mission sorties accumulating total 500 hours.

The indigenous system is mounted on a Brazilian Embraer-145 jet and can track area within 240 degrees of its sides at any given point in time. Third Netra aircraft will be retained by DRDO to be used as Testbed for further development of the radar for the ” AWACS India”.

Under ” AWACS India ” India will build six more next-generation Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) on the Airbus platform to enhance surveillance and detection with longer range. AWACS will have a 300-km range and 360-degree angle of coverage as against 200-km range and 240-degree angle of Netra Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&C).

According to DRDO Chief Once Utility of Third, Netra is served, India might sell it to some friendly country.


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