Russian Air Force which had decided that the fresh batch of 36 Su-30SM fighter jets will come equipped with AL-41F-1S engines from 2021 onwards to the levels that match those of the Su-35 which carries the same engine and had offered the same to India for its fleet of 272 Su-30MKI under its ” Super-Sukhoi” modernization program under consideration by IAF with Russia has been turned down.

As per information coming in, IAF has decided to not to include any new engine swap upgrade under its ” Super-Sukhoi” modernization program and the focus will remain to upgrade them with new high powerful AESA Radar which will be a derivative of the one used by the Russians on its Su-57E 5th Gen fighter jet and come equipped with upgraded Avionics and electronic warfare system from Su-35 and Su-57E platforms.

NPO-AL-41F-1S (117S) turbofan engine with thrust vector control is installed on the Su-35 type aircraft can generate 142 kN of thrusts with its afterburners which is just 19 kN of extra thrusts each when compared to AL-31FP engines which are equipped on the Indian Su-30MKI with thrust vectoring controls.

The Russian air force has decided to swap engines of its entire Su-30SM fleet which is based on the Indian Su-30MKI build with AL-41F-1S (117S) turbofan engine which is also used on its Su-35 fleet to maintain commonality of the engine and improve its serviceability but India was offered engine swap for a different reason and it was due to ongoing technical issues with the AL-31FP engines which largely have been fixed but still, some issues remain unresolved.

Recently India’s HAL has confirmed that orders for 222 units of Su-30MKI which were locally produced at its Nashik plant at the rate of 12 aircraft per year has been concluded and the company now waits for fresh orders from the IAF which might come soon for another 12 aircraft. HAL, IAF and their Russian counterparts are already in talks to modernize these jets locally and are in talks to decide technology on the offer.

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