National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) designed 14-seater multi-role transport aircraft ” Saras project ” is back online after suffering from long slow down which hit the project after a prototype suffered a crash in March 2009 leading to the killing of its crew.

Saras recently completed its Second flight successfully and IAF has expressed Interest in acquiring 15 Military variants of the aircraft which can be used to Transport Military VVIPs and to be also used to train pilots to fly Transport aircraft. IAF impressed by aircrafts potential is also keen on to exploit potential new variant specifically used for signal-snooping on enemy communications.

Saras as a Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System will make perfect sense for operating in low threat environments specifically to snoop for Intelligent agencies in peacetime or to track terrorists, and insurgents in remote areas.

Industrial sources close to say that there is growing demand for intelligence aircraft within Intelligence community among various forces within India and expensive imports suffer due to lengthy and time-consuming procedures.

Low-Cost aircraft like Saras are perfect for multi-intelligence gathering missions which also have lower operational operating cost coming in handy for ever-increasing demand for gathering signals intelligence since even Terrorist sneaking into India have gone high-tech and use Satellite Phones and GPS aided Navigation system.

Saras will also be procured for aerial surveillance missions by Coastguard and Government is also keen on promoting Made in India aircraft to be used in a government’s scheme for regional connectivity in tier II and tier III cities.


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