Just around when the Chinese government officials confirmed that they have started work on the construction of their third aircraft carrier and have plans to have 5-6 aircraft carrier group and one might be marked for Indian ocean region. India on another hand also officially confirmed it has quietly given go-ahead for the construction of its second indigenous aircraft carrier.

IAC-II (INS Vishal) which will be India’s Second aircraft carrier with Displacement of over 65,000 tonnes has come with tactical backing from the United States of America which has agreed to help India overcome technological and resources challenges which Indian engineers and shipyards are going to face in the construction of the behemoth vessels.

According to Navy’s Naval Design Bureau IAC-II will have conventional Integrated electric propulsion (IEP) and initial proposal to have a Nuclear Propulsion has been dropped due to the high cost involved in their construction. IAC-II will be the first conventional aircraft carrier to feature the US designed Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) for recovery and launch of aircraft from the deck of the aircraft carrier.

The Trump administration has decided to give assistance to India by releasing the crucial Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) for the Indian Navy’s future aircraft carrier INS Vishal, which was confirmed after series of talks between Indian and US officials.

While it is still unclear which aircraft will be operated from the new aircraft carrier, but India again has secured technical assistance of the US Government regarding certification of the selected Air Group for the aircraft carrier which might help other US-based aerospace majors like Boeing and Northrop Grumman to pitch their F-18 fighter aircrafts and UCAVs for the aircraft carrier.

Indian Navy Chief Sunil Lanba recently confirmed to Indian media that work on INS Vishal has moved ahead and the construction of the ship is expected to begin within 3 years suggests that most of the technological and expertise required from abroad and locally have been sorted out and now the government has given go-ahead for the program to officially begin.


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