People’s Liberation Army-Navy is increasingly worried about how Chinese Conventional and Nuclear submarines are getting detected at an alarming rate and how they are forced to make course correction while patrolling in the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft fleet is already In the Thick of the Action in the South China Sea and Chinese have been warning their crew repeatedly in the South China Sea to stay away. P-8 is also helping India track Chinese submarines in Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Indian P8-I and US P-8A using a common pool of library database are covertly working in tandem to share and update acoustic and vibration signatures of each Chinese submarines to help each other detect Chinese submarines when they move around various oceans, many countries who are wary of China are already acquiring same aircraft and latest to join the list is Royal Australian Air Force, which already shares details of Chinese submarine activities with India and US .

US P-8A operated from Singapore are usually are the first line of spotters to detect all Chinese submarines entering the Indian Ocean through the Malacca straits off Singapore. Information, when passed on to Indian Navy, leads to Indian P8-I maritime surveillance aircraft coming into the picture which usually tracks this uninvited guest till it reaches its designation in Arabian sea or anchors in Pakistani Port.

Chinese ‘Shang’ class submarine spotted docked in latest Google Earth imagery was actually harassed by Indian P8-I maritime surveillance aircraft, which not only tracked it but also dropped sonobuoys across the projected route of the submarine.

Indian P8-I were able to force the Chinese submarine into making evasive manoeuvres, which were closely monitored and followed by an Indian Submarine in the Vancity. Close cooperation between various countries and increasing operators of P8 maritime surveillance aircraft will only make the life of Noisy Chinese Submarines much harder to achieve its objectives.

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