Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) recently has been awarded a contract worth USD550 million to supply its Sky Capture air-defence command-and-control (C2) system to the army of an Asian country which Israeli media hints will be India.

IAI describes Sky Capture as an anti-aircraft C2 system that transforms the customer’s legacy air-defense systems into highly accurate and effective systems with advanced command and control capabilities. According to IAI, Sky Capture fuses information from multiple sensors, including advanced fire-control and detection radars, as well as electro-optical (EO) sensors made by IAI and ELTA Systems to provide accurate target data for the interceptors.

Indian Army operates Swedish Bofors L-70 and Russian-legacy ZU-23-2B air-defense guns which were recently upgraded by Indian Company Larsen & Toubro Limited which replaced its existing manually laid gun into an all-electric system with autonomous functionality.

Sky Capture adds fire control to those upgraded guns to coordinate multiple guns on target and optimize their performance. Sky Capture system incorporates ELM-2106 Advanced Tactical Air-Defense Radar (ATAR) which can detect low-flying UAV’s, Helicopters from 40-60 km range and can also identify the target by type for use of effective interception system.

Sky Capture system can also support very short-range air defense systems like short-range missiles and laser interception systems which India has been locally developing which makes the system future ready also.

Earlier this year, Indian Army launched a $1.5 billion limited tender for procurement of new-generation close-in weapons systems (CIWS) to provide a replacement for its aging Swedish Bofors L-70 and Russian-legacy ZU-23-2B air-defense guns.

The aim is to procure 244 air-defense guns along with 228 fire-control/search radars and 204,000 programmable bullets under what is the first air-defense program issued to Indian companies for domestic manufacture. Each unit will be short-range, with the guns having a range of 3.5 kilometers and a capability of firing 200 rounds of ammunition per minute.


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