Last April, 30,000 soldiers took part in a major exercise ‘Shatrujeet’, led by the elite Mathura-based Strike Corp. Army drills conducted had one major objective that was to counter any tactical nuclear attack on its mechanised unit, as part of the war games being conducted in deserts of Rajasthan.

‘Shatrujeet’ was to validate India’s much talked about ” Cold Start ” Doctrine but under a tactical nuclear attack threat. Strike teams were all equipped with Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) which will allow them to fight in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Conditions.

Muntra Unmanned vehicles will be a crucial part of this Strike team if ever India plans to attack Pakistan since they are specially designed to work under nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) conditions and to be used to sense the presence of these elements and mark out the area of contamination.

Muntra most probably will move at least few kilometres in front of a strike team and will be deployed to sniff out deployed NBC weapons in front of the strike team . Muntra can also detect the presence of a nuclear device using combinations of sensors. To counter this and to reduce radiation emitted from the weapons, Shielding with appropriate materials and thickness will be used to make it much harder to detect but with the use of a combination of detectors, one can improve detection and warn following strike team to ensure survivability to a greater degree.

DRDO has developed Four variants of Muntra.

Muntra-N will be used for nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) reconnaissance.

Muntra-M will be a mine counter-measures platform which negates the possibility of a mine being activated by radio control by jamming the signals it is able to destroy a detected mine with the aid of laser beam-the first application of a directed energy weapon in battlefield conditions.

Muntra-S will be dedicated to surveillance and battlefield awareness situations.

Muntra-B will be manned which will be used to maintain contact and control over the Muntra-N, Muntra-M and Muntra-S which are intended to form a consolidated unit.

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