Deployment by South Korea of the controversial US-made Terminal High Altitude Area ­Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system in response to potential ballistic threats from North Korea, has led to a furious response from China.

THAAD and India’s BDM System can both negate China’s first strike ability in the region thus compromising China’s Superior Conventional and Nuclear threat perception in the region.

To Counter rising Anti-ballistic missile system in the region China has started working on Anti-Radar systems which will be ideal in neutralising Area ­Defence systems in the region.

All Anti-ballistic missile system consists of sophisticated radar and interceptor missiles designed to spot and knock out incoming ballistic missiles. Long range tracking radars are eye and key system which are needed for successful interceptions of targets.

Bejing plans to develop and install long ranged Anti-Radar systems in frontline which can be used to block, jam or fool Long range tracking radars from successfully transferring data between Interceptor missile and target position.

India’s Aesa based Swordfish Long Range Tracking Radar specifically developed to counter ballistic missile threat are pretty immune to counter jamming by Anti-Radar Systems but according to a Chinese report, Bejing might be working on multiple platforms so that it can carry out successful interfere with its radar signals.

Many Defence Analysts are skeptical of Chinese claims that Anti-Radar Systems that they are developing will be 100% successfully in Jamming Long Range Tracking Radars but it is also not easy to dismiss it completely that it won’t be able to interfere in operations of Long Range Tracking Radars.

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