March 10 is the date set by India to test BrahMos with an enhanced range of 450km. Existing inventories of BrahMos will all soon get software updates which earlier capped their range to 290km due to MTCR regulations.

BrahMos missile which is already in service with Indian Army and Indian Navy will have its software limitations removed allowing it to hit targets up to 450km which is 55% more range than existing blocks.

Removing Software limitation from existing inventory is the easy part but India and Russia are also in discussion to remove hardware restrictions which capped range to 290km . while it is still not clear which hardware was preventing BrahMos from hitting targets further but new batch of BrahMos currently under production with have further enhanced range.

New Block of BrahMos will have a range between 600-850 km depending on the mission profile. BrahMos flying at lower altitude will burn more fuel leading to the lower range while flying at Higher altitude it will be able to hit targets at longer range.

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