Earlier this year, At Aero India, was first to report on Scale model of the Hindustan Turbo-Shaft Engine (HTSE) 1200 Rotary engines for Helicopters displayed at the event. as per latest information provided by the Industrial sources to, HAL has started assembly of the first engine to begin ground trials.

Metal cutting had begun for HTSE-1200 in FY2016-17 and now the assembly of the engine followed by initial ground runs will be done in next few months.

HTSE-1200 Engine for Helicopters is an In-house project initiated by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd to replace Indo-French co-developed Shakti engines for LUH, LCH and ALH Series of Indigenous Helicopters developed by HAL in India.

HAL plans to use HTSE-1200 in the single engine configuration to power LUH and HTSE-1200 in the twin engine configuration to power ALH, LCH. HTSE-1200 develops a power of 1200 kW at sea level and can operate up to an altitude of 7 km and the project was initiated by HAL with its internal resources with an aim of developing the capability of indigenous design and development of turboshaft engines.

According to information provided by HAL to at Aero India 2017, HTSE-1200 should enter full-scale production in 2021-23 after it’s clear all developmental trials. HTSE-1200 will allow HAL to lower its prices of its Helicopters due to the development of the in-house engine and also offer better after sales and spare support to its customer in India.

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