Hindu American Foundation (HAF) and multiple lobby group in sync with the Indian Embassy in the United States of late have been able to demonstrate what Indians can do with offensive diplomacy if it wants to be and how Indian-American lobby group is emerging as a most powerful lobby in the American political circuit after Jews in Washington.

Attempts to raise India’s Internal issues in Washington and try to pass resolutions condemning India in a way has been the main objective of many Liberal Indian Americans activists and Politicians in Washington and with money backing coming from many Pakistan backed Kashmiri groups attempts to circle India due to the removal of Art370 and CAA protests have been derailed multiple times by HAF with firepower provided by the Indian diplomats in Washington.

In what could be the first admission of a tuff fight put up by the HAF and Indian lobby group, Many Anti-Indian Liberal and Islamist lobby have confessed that HAF is getting more aggressive and smarter in recent times and many are threatened by the amount of pressure it was able to put on some of the elected representatives to stall or flatten out many anti-India resolutions which were pushed by the Anti-Indian Liberal and Islamist lobby in the Washington circuit.

Multiple propaganda materials of the Anti-Indian Liberal and Islamist lobby have been busted and every propaganda email sends to those in power is getting exposed within minutes as information warfare is emerging as a crucial warfare tool to build a pressure point against India. Many Liberal Indian American and local American politicians influenced by Anti-India lobby have been coming up with some kind of resolution to humiliate India at the world stage but Indian diplomacy offense has been proactive and was able to blunt them out.

Anti-CAA protests and Riots that followed has been peddled as Anti-Muslim pogrom by the Nationalist Hindu Government which saw a massive rise in Hinduphobic messages by the Anti-India lobby and targeting of pro-Indian lawmakers in Washington but HAF and many similar lobby groups were able to support them so that they are not bogged down by this Anti-India lobby.

Tulsi Gabbard, US Lawmaker from Congresswoman from Hawaii who is a candidate in the 2020 US presidential election has been at the receiving end of this Anti-India lobby due to her clear support to the Modi government in India. She recently came out and openly said for the first time Hinduphobia is real and she has been at the receiving end due to her beliefs ever since she was declared RSS supporters by a large section of the liberal media lobby in the United States.

HAF members many times have said that this Hinduphobia by the Islamist and the liberal lobby have led to rise in the Hate crime against Hindus in the United States and if this continues one of the most influential minority group in the united states after jews might have to raise this hate crime in International events and organizations to expose dubious claims of the US Lawmakers that are vocal of minorities in other countries while ignoring their own.

As per Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program database by the law enforcement agencies across the United States shows that the bulk of the victims of these religion-based hate crimes were the Jews alone (58.1 percent), there were a total of 53 combined victims belonging to Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist faiths.

Rise in anti-Hindu propaganda by the radical lefts, pro-Khalistani, fundamentalist evangelical, and Islamists forced HAF to pressure FBI to include tracking hate crimes against Hindus in 2013 since then it has seen steady growth in numbers and HAF fears that continue propaganda by Indian-American journalists, writing in US media like Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post which have focused only in showing India in general and Hindus, in particular in negativity will make Hindus soon the second biggest target of religion-based hate crime in the United States.



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