A few days back Pakistan Navy (PN) carried out first test firing of Harbah land attack Cruise Missile from newly commissioned Fast Attack Craft (Missile) PNS Himmat successfully. Harbah is a Naval version of short-range turbojet powered Babur subsonic cruise missile which already has been entered into service with Pakistani Army.

Pakistani press release failed to mention the range of the new Harbah subsonic cruise missile but it is likely to a range of 450 km or lesser.

Pakistan of late has been working on increasing firepower of it’s Navy and last year had conducted the successful launch of the Babur III missile from an underwater mobile platform and the recent addition of Harbah will strengthen Pakistan Navy’s Strike capabilities.

According to Defence analysts, Pakistan Navy will adapt Babur III and Harbah subsonic cruise missile to be used as low-cost second-strike capability in event of war with India. Indian Navy has made rapid strides in the development of its second-strike capability and already has developed two Nuclear Powered Submarines which can carry K-15 and K-4 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile.

Addition of Babur III and Harbah subsonic cruise missile in Pakistani Navy will come as a boost to offensive capabilities of Pakistan from the Sea but India will count on its MR-RAM and LR-SAM Air Defence System deployed to protect its front-line Ships and Coastal vital installations from Sub-sonic cruise missile attacks.


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